Why natural raw food?

If you are reading this text, it means that the question of proper and healthy feeding of your pet is important for you. Just like for us.

But it was not always so. In this article, we want to share with you our story about how we embarked on the true path (there should be a smiley face), which has simply grown into a family business from an understanding
Once, at the very beginning, the question of feeding our dog was for us, to put it mildly, not in the first place, but the knowledge in this matter was below level 0. We got a child with enviable good health, without a tendency to allergies. Feeding the dryer seemed quite normal. Everybody feeds, we feed. Analyzes are normal. So everything is going as it should. (But today we know for sure that we were just lucky). So we reflected (or rather, we didn’t think about it at all) until we met an excellent veterinarian and dietician on our way. It was she who opened our eyes to the nutritional issues of dogs and animals in general.
Our understanding of the natural food for dogs and the attitude to feeding dry food were broken to pieces.
As we thought before: How we think and what we know now:
Dry food is good nutrition, it has everything you need and there is nothing harmful. They are complete in their content. Even too much. Dry food contains too many carbohydrates, preservatives and other additives that stabilize the food, increase its nutritional value, caloric content (due to which the daily rate is reduced), prolong the shelf life, but adversely affect the health of the dog in the future. Pathologies develop, they are just not immediately noticeable. Experienced breeders in the private conversation share their observations and approximately know what sores dogs inevitably get in the process of feeding with dry food. Also, carbohydrates are one of the main sources of allergic reactions. This also applies to the protein part, which mainly consists of animal products and is only indirectly related to meat.
Dog longevity does not depend on nutrition. Food quality - directly affects the health of the animal, the quality and duration of its life. Modern statistics show that long-livers among cats and dogs are those who live in conditions of farms and natural feeding. In the diet of animals - everything, as in humans ;) The better and more natural - the better and more useful.
"Natural nutrition" is boiled porridge with boiled meat or "leftovers from the table." We did not even consider this idea, but we knew about this option. Truly Natural Nutrition - a set of products as close as possible to the natural needs of the animal. In the case of dogs and cats: raw meat and offal, vegetables, fruits, healthy fats.
Feeding raw meat is dangerous, difficult and troublesome. In the presence of a large dog - even more troublesome and we did not want to think about it. Feeding raw meat is no more dangerous than boiled. But, boiled meat is also useless: it loses its nutritional value in the process of heat treatment. In addition, an experienced veterinarian will tell you that neither cooking nor freezing will completely protect the meat ideally. Fortunately there is a vet. product control, and enzymes that are produced in the intestines of dogs for food disinfection. We remember that dogs are descendants of wild wolves and scavengers. They naturally have protective mechanisms. For additional disinfection of raw meat, it is sufficient to freeze it (before feeding) for at least 3 days. The natural food is troublesome, but nothing more than cooking porridge and meat. And even less troublesome. Since you can prepare food for the months ahead.
Drying is useful, it has all the necessary vitamins and trace elements. If the tests are normal, then there is nothing to strain. It has all the micro and macro elements (but this is not accurate), due to the addition of various synthetic additives. Each individual feed must be checked in the laboratory to ensure composition. But the presence of fats, which are oxidized during storage (after contact with oxygen), has a detrimental effect on the health of the dog.
On drying, the dog grows healthy and develops normally, but on a natural food this is difficult to achieve. On drying the dog grows. Healthy - if you're lucky. Very much depends on the quality of dry food and the health of the dog. On natural nutrition - the dog eats natural products for himself. Her body gets all the necessary elements in its natural form. Balance can be achieved. And this means that a dog (cat) will develop harmoniously.
Our choice of dry food was reduced to "recommendations" and "the influence of aggressive marketing." Read and analyze the composition? - Such a thought did not visit us in principle. Veterinarians in the clinics did not enlighten, familiar dog-men were the same "experts" as we are. Internet ... Well, you understand, yes? The main landmark was the price. Today, we consider all food and products in terms of compliance with the natural needs of the animal and international standards of animal feeding (FEDIAF, AAFCO, NRC, etc.).
Natural nutrition is expensive. But the drying can be chosen from inexpensive ones. Natural nutrition is expensive. Good drying (and this is only (and far from complete) Holistic - as close as possible to natural) is also expensive. But if you compare the impact on the health of the animal - then the natural nutrition will be cheaper. And the main item of savings will be visiting veterinarians. Rather, their extreme rarity and preventive nature.

There were still many different realizations and, in general, the list goes on. But the basic idea is clear. Proper organic food is the best choice if pet health care comes first. And this conclusion was a turning point in our lives and in the lives of our dogs.
Began a long period of studying the literature, consulting with nutritionists, the analysis of various aspects of feeding dogs. The logical conclusion of all this was the beginning of the production of healthy and balanced food for dogs and cats ZBFFood. Everything that we learned about dog and cat nutrition, balance, benefits, norms and trends (and still continue to study) - we embody in our food.
But we admit that you may have a question “what makes us different from other manufacturers and why it is worth choosing our food”. And we will be happy to answer it:

  1. By "natural food" - we mean just full-fledged food, and not just meat, trim or mince. We do not substitute concepts. Meat is not food. Feed is a complex multicomponent product, based on the specific requirements of feed control organizations.
  2. Food consists entirely of natural ingredients (and yes, they can be seen, so you can do without laboratory tests to find out what's inside).
  3. We do not use fatty fat from fat! ))) The meat components contain a sufficient amount of animal fat, but the fat itself - we recycle. To balance Omega 3-6, salmon oil is used.
  4. Micro-macro elemental composition is balanced according to FEDIAF norms.
  5. Ratio of products in feed: 70-75% meat portion + 20-25% functional vegetables + 5% natural additives (oils, flax seeds, etc.). (The ratio of products in cat food differs from that of a dog and corresponds to their natural needs)
  6. The meat part is several types of meat and by-products of the Human Grade category. Vegetables are also used "as for people." Exactly the same as you buy yourself in frozen mixtures. (And yes, you can check it for taste;) only a scar and bone meal can surprise human taste receptors).
  7. Feed has specifications and approved for production and sale at the State level.Packaging - simple, but optimal for easy storage and thawing for feeding.
  8. Packaging - simple, but optimal for easy storage and thawing for feeding.
  9. Small grammar (packing) - allows you to easily vary the daily rate if necessary.
  10. All 100% of products undergo "manual" control, inspection, processing and culling. This allows us to say with confidence that the feed is safe (at a minimum). Because, even buying meat in the store for ourselves, we often find in it the remains of sharp bones.
  11. Possibility of individual order, both in composition and in packaging.
And, perhaps, this article is the most appropriate place to boast a little: most of our customers are people whose dogs have food allergies and problems with the gastrointestinal tract. Owners of dogs who buy our natural food ZBFFood, note the positive dynamics from the first weeks of feeding and the complete absence of allergies and normalization of the gastrointestinal tract during prolonged feeding with our feeds.
And no, our food is NOT hypoallergenic. It simply does not contain allergens and low-quality products that most often lead to the development of allergic reactions.