I want to express my deep gratitude to Alexey personally and ZBFood for the fact that thanks to their feed, my beloved dogs got rid of allergies and treated the liver! A little background: I am the owner of 2 representatives of the Shiba Inu breed. In general, these dogs are in good health, but ... one of them manifested an allergy (fed Akana apple lamb, then barking heads-yum-yum, orijen, etc.), but the allergy only intensified. We did not give up allergy tests, but it immediately became clear to me that it was the food itself, since after each meal, the dog simply tore up the face to the blood. In the end, I tried Alexei’s personal food feed .... Why didn’t I do this before ??? Not only is there no allergy, so the hair is shiny, the noses are wet, the stool is excellent, and the total blood count is space! We donated blood after 3 months of feeding ZBFood feed! Therefore, friends, if you really love your four-legged people, you wish them excellent health - do not skimp on nutrition !!! Because my personal experience proved to me - the most expensive and branded dry food cannot guarantee that your pet will be healthy!
Отзыв клиента Дмитрия с Шиба-Ину Фоксом о ZBF Food

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