Form factor packaging

Appearance matters.

But when you have to choose between practicality and presentability, how to be? We chose practicality. Don't argue, the zip package looks pretty simple. But its advantages over other options are obvious to us. Why we pack up in zip-packages? For over two years we have been in the permanent search for the optimal packaging. And, for now, zip packages are our choice. Because:
• It is convenient to store in the freezer. Especially when buying a diet for a long time.
• The optimal format for portion filling, which simplifies feeding.
• The optimal defrosting speed of the feed due to the flat format.
• Compact packaging allows you to order more feed at one time, and therefore less often order and pay for delivery. We considered other options. And here are the conclusions: Why are there NO plastic boxes?
• Plastic box: it takes up a lot of storage space, a more fragile, longer defrosting time.

Why NO vacuum pack?

• The inability to make all the packages of the same shape and size. This affects the convenience of storage and transportation. Why NO cardboard boxes?
• Cardboard boxes increase the cost of food, take up a lot of space, are not suitable / not needed for storage, soak from condensate and may not have time to get to the customer in a presentation.
• Foiled inside boxes: increase the cost of feed, do not carry any value other than aesthetic, take up a lot of space, are not suitable / not needed for storage. Why there are no ware from polystyrene (foil boxes)?
• Takes away useful space, reduces convenience of storage; Greater fragility, especially during transport.

Why is there no sausage packaging option?

• Too large amount of frozen food in one large “piece”.
• It is extremely inconvenient to separate the required daily / half daily feed.
• Long defrost time.
• Inconvenient format for storage.
And, summing up our search and reflection, there is another important point that speaks in favor of zip-packages: a smaller amount of garbage that you have to throw away. But we do not stop searching and looking for new ideas! You can never say Never.