Lazy natural raw food

What to do if you no longer want to feed your dog dry food, but have not yet found a manufacturer of natural food that suits you?

Most often in such situations, the dog is transferred to a “lazy” natural food. It can be one of three options: porridge with meat, just meat with vegetables by the eye or “leftovers from the table”.
The option of porridge with meat and “leftovers from the table” is omitted. Why? - The answer to this question can be found in the article Carbohydrates.
Let's consider the option “just meat with vegetables”.
How often does the selection of such food? In Google, a request is made “natural dog food how to cook” or “natural dog food”. And there everyone already deepens in the search for information as far as desire is enough.
But the main thing that lies on the surface and what is most often repelled is that dogs need meat, by-products and vegetables. This is an absolutely true statement.
But, unfortunately, in this question - the amount of an ingredient can significantly affect the quality of your pet's nutrition.


Everything is simple. Let's try to present it in the form of an internal dialogue of the one who decided to feed the dog with meat.
“So, a dog needs meat and offal. There are all essential amino acids. Clear. Vegetables need. It is not clear why, if they write that they are not digested, but oh well, a carrot is it a pity? Fat? ... Well, I'll take fatter meat, if that. So, with the set is clear. But how much do you need per day feed? Yeah, about 4% clear by weight. ”.
And then everything happens simply - the meat set is bought (each type is different, often such parts as trimming with fat, bones, spleen or udder, for example, can be found in it). All this is cut and mixed in a random ratio, vegetables are added and voila, everything is ready!

And what, you ask? What is wrong? After all, meat is there, and some vegetables are also, and this is 100% better than drying, right?
Yes, everything seems to be ok. And the products are normal (well, if without a spleen, bones, udder, of course).

But, unfortunately, with this approach, the dog will not receive many nutrients. Of course, if such food is a necessary measure, for a couple of days, then nothing terrible will happen and the dog will gladly absorb the favorite raw meat. But if such an approach is applied in the long term, this is fraught with serious systemic failures in the body.
Here, just like in people: a Mac burger a couple of times a month will not lead to obesity and other systemic health problems.
But if you eat in the Mac daily, then such an optimistic result will not promise you even a Level 80 Mage.
So what specifically is NOT SO with “lazy natural food” in the context of long-term continuous feeding:
  1. The balance of phosphorus and calcium is not balanced. And it's very bad. Since the protein food has a high content of phosphorus, which inhibits the absorption of calcium. If you do not adjust this ratio, then calcium will not be absorbed in the right amount or at all. Calcium can be given as an additive. But, the dose also needs to be calculated based on how much phosphorus the dog receives. Since an excess of calcium is no less a problem than its disadvantage.
The result: problems with bones, joints, normal development.
The number and type of by-products - is important, because, unfortunately, each of them contains a different number of different nutrients. This means that they need to be balanced so that the content of micro and macro elements corresponds to the daily rate of the animal.
  1. Fatty meat, trim, offal - a quick way to obesity, problems with pancreas and gastrointestinal tract.
But there are some advantages:
  1. A dog will surely get all the essential amino acids. And this is a positive thing.
  2. Vegetables provide tails with fiber and vitamins. But! Only in the event that they are properly processed - grind! And add butter. It is with his help that the process of “taking” vitamins from vegetables in the dog's body goes through.
What to do, you ask.
There are several options:
  1. Find your manufacturer of natural dog food. Such as we @ZBFFood. No, not bragging. Simply, we make exactly food - balanced, multi-component. No substitution of concepts and the sale of meat or rumen / offal under the guise of food.
  2. Study the issue in detail and make a full-fledged healthy food for your pet in compliance with all norms and balance. There is a lot of useful, understandable and detailed information about feeding dogs on YouTube channel UaDog - the Russian-language channel. English Channel - Rodney Habib
  3. Refer to the public documentation and study the international standards of FEDIAF.
  4. Continue to dry. But we did not say that.