Dog treats
We will immediately agree that by delicacies we mean sweets that dog lovers use as encouragement during upbringing, training, walking, and just for pampering their pet with something useful.
And here is the key. Not all goodies are good, and not all good things can be goodies. Such a cornerstone. But we will not make premature conclusions. Let's start with the fact that we list the main types of treats that are most often used.
1. Biscuits, crackers, crackers, bagels-donuts. Pros: almost all pets are delighted with them; conveniently; inexpensive; You can buy in any store (not only Zoo). Cons: carbohydrates. And carbohydrates for dogs is not the best way to get glucose. And when sorting, they are safely sent to the fat stores.
2. Dry food. Quite often it is used as a treat in training. Pros: for those who feed the dog with drying, this is convenient, minimally costly, does not require hassle and is always at hand. Cons: for those who feed the dog dry food - there is a risk of overfeeding the dog, which leads to various health complications. Why? Because dry food is primarily food, it has a certain nutritional value and there are norms of feeding. All that is above the norm is overkill. For those who feed on natural food, your pet does not have the enzymes necessary to digest this type of food. Conclusion? Either it will be transited, or - with large quantities / frequency - it will go to the fat depot. Well, or cause diarrhea.
3. Cheese. It is also often used as a promotion. Pro: natural product. Against: and yet this product is too fat and heavy for the pancreas of a dog. Conclusion: if you use cheese, then with a minimum fat content and in very small quantities.
4. Cookies for dogs. Pros: most often such cookies / biscuits contain some percentage of meat / animal products, minerals and vitamins. Cons: Here is an example of the composition of one of the cookies for dogs from the Zoo store from a large producer: "Cereals, meat and animal products (including 4% brain bone and 4% meat), sugar, oils and fats, minerals, vitamins" . The presence of sugar, fat (unknown!) - already sounds like a contraindication. Alternative: hand-made cookies. Such delicacies are most often made from bran and various meat or vegetable additives. Yes, these products are thermally processed, and there is little use for them. But they will not bring harm with moderate use.
5. Treats from offal. It can be dried / baked liver, dried offal, dried by-products, dried / dried meat. For: what can I say - natural food, the right ingredients. These are products that meet the nutritional needs of dogs. Not processed thermally, and therefore retained all the beneficial trace elements and protein. Cons: inconvenient, often have a specific smell, the shelf life is limited, not all stores can be bought and you must always prepare in advance so as not to be asking for it with empty pockets before penetrating into the soul. And what to do with all this, you ask? Everything is as usual - to draw conclusions and choices. The main thing to remember: delicacy is also food and they have calories! And even the most useful delicacy can cause obesity and other problems if it is too much. Therefore, we will confine ourselves to a small unsolicited advice: if you get too many delicacies, cut down on the daily feeding rate. Health to your pets and see you again on the air ;)