Beef tripe in dog food

In the natural nutrition of dogs is very common tripe. Our ZBFFood product line also contains feed based on raw, unpeeled beef tripe. Coincidence? We do not think;)
The fact is that this meat by-product with a pronounced aroma that dogs adore and their owners dislike so much, has a number of very useful properties and contains unique components that are not found in meat.
So what is a tripe and why is it needed in dog nutrition?
A tripe is the stomach of a ruminant. More often - beef. Less often - mutton. The scar consists of muscle fibers (smooth muscles), fat and enzymes.
Muscle fibers are easily digested and are a source of high-grade proteins with a high content of connective proteins (which is important for growing organisms and in sports), which in turn are the building material for the body. The rumen protein contains 7 amino acids that are responsible for many functions in the dog's body, including muscle growth and homeostasis.
Enzymes contained in the rumen have a positive effect on the intestinal microflora and improve the digestive tract and the absorption of vitamins, minerals and energy from food.
The villi - the inner side of the rumen shell - improve intestinal motility and secretory activity.
The tripe has an almost perfect ratio of phosphorus and calcium.
But all this will be true only if the raw unpeeled tripe is used in the dog's nutrition. Since during heat treatment all useful enzymes are destroyed, and the protein becomes practically biologically inaccessible.